Creating works of art that both tell a story and invokes emotion is the highlight of being a photographer and it is a constant reminder of the beauty of life--the good, the bad and the ugly.  From the nervous man anxious to start a new phase of his life with his soul mate; a young engaged couple so deeply in love they completely forget I am there; two people committing their lives to each other forever; the journey of creating new life; the craziness of life with toddlers; a married couple of 10+ years having their first "just us" session with NO kids; and a loving husband and wife cherishing what may likely be their last moments together on this earth.  I have the opportunity to witness the highs and lows; the magic of budding love, mature love, renewed love and losing love.  It is both intense feelings of happiness AND sorrow and I adore every minute of it. To me, being a photographer is both emotionally energizing and a calling.  That despite an ever growing list of to dos and responsibilities as a business owner, wife and mom, I am so deeply passionate about capturing these incredibly real moments for my clients.

I truly feel that photography is not just taking a pretty picture (although, I promise you will receive some), it is a gift; and not just to my clients-- it is also a gift to me.  To watch my clients (who most often become true friends) grow, graduate from high school & college, get married, have babies and grow old together is truly priceless and I consider it an honor that they allow me to hitch a ride on this glorious thing we call life.

So take a look around, if you have any questions or want to schedule a session do not hesitate to shoot me an email using the Contact form on my page.  I really look forward to chance of getting to meet and work with you!