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Heritage Park: Sofie Turns One

As many of you know, I love me some BABIES!  Seriously, I cannot get enough of them.  Which is why any time I get the opportunity to capture one of their milestones I get a bit giddy so when Sofie’s mom, MacKenzie, asked me to do a 1st birthday shoot for her precious Sofie, I was over the moon.  We talked, strategized about the best locations, timing, outfits, themes, etc. and the result (as you soon will see) was absolute perfection. 

MacKenzie and Devin, thank you again for the opportunity to capture such an amazing time in your lives.  It was an honor to finally meet you guys in person and I just love how incredibly real and easy going you all are.  Give sweet Sofie a kiss for me!  Much love…Amber.

MacKenzie wanted a simple, organic look to Sofie’s first birthday shoot so we started with just some simple family portraits at Heritage Park in McDonough, Georgia.  It was such a beautiful day and even though Sofie was a bit tired and hungry she succumbed to my baby charm (aka, terribly annoying noises to grab her attention) and gave the most adorable smiles.


One of the most amazing parts of getting to know my littlest clients is seeing their relationships and interactions with their parents.  I asked MacKenzie what her favorite memory of Sofie was so far and I just loved her answer, “I cannot say that one memory is my favorite!  I feel that every day making memories and enjoying each moment is my favorite”.  Seriously, how sweet is that?! 

I also asked her what her greatest wish for Sofie was and I was blown away when she replied, “That she would know how much her Heavenly Father loves her as well as how much me and her daddy love her! That she will walk out the destiny God has planned for her and that she will truly know happiness!” 

Typically the second half of a 1st birthday session is filled with a smash cake followed by my personal favorite—an outdoor bath but since Sofie is still a major fan of breast milk and not big on solids just yet (unless you count those awesome puffs) we opted to just skip the whole messy eating thing and go straight to the outdoor bath.  What ensued was just perfection.


As you can see, she was a little excited about splashing those bubbles so I didn't have the heart to make her get out just yet.  Instead, we decided to do a outdoor bath tour around the park, lol.  BIG thanks to Devin for being such a gentleman and carrying around our wash tub so I could get all of the different locations.  You were such a trooper and I really appreciate it!


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